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    Benjamin Botkin is an award-winning composer with a passion for creative excellence and musical storytelling. He has scored a variety of film (co-winning a HMMA for "The Modern Man"), documentary, and videogame projects (Tomb Raider Reloaded, Throne and Liberty, Lineage W, The Sandbox) in his rich, versatile, and thematic orchestral style. With one foot firmly in the orchestral tradition and another in the latest musical production technologies, he also works regularly as a demo composer for multiple industry-leading virtual instrument developers.

    He is founder of Forte Composer Academy and lives south of Nashville with his lovely wife Audri and three sons, Ethan, Elliot, and Philip.


    When you combine moving images with music the storytelling potential is massive. When your visual media project (film, TV, documentary, promotional, game, etc.) has a well-crafted, thoughtfully-placed score that is aligned to the heart and arc of your story, matched to its mood and aesthetic, and formed out of a trusting relationship defined by integrity and clear communication, the results can be remarkable.


    Results like these are my goal as a film composer. And to accomplish that goal, I believe three points of focus must be present. Just as a three-legged stool's stability depends on the integrity of its three legs, so a film score will fail to meet its potential if any of these elements are weak or absent.


    This is really what it's all about. Working with the director to get to the very essence of his vision for the project and discover both the heart and the arc of the story is paramount to me. If the soul of the story is missed nothing else matters.


    The music must not only fit the needs of the story, but be truly excellent and genuinely moving as well. To wield music is to wield emotions, and so high standards in composition, execution, and production are essential to me.




    Trust. Integrity. Respect. Clear communication. These things are vital in any strong and productive relationship, and film-making is no exception. I care about the people I work with.

  • The Modern Man (SHORT FILM)

    A short film I co-scored alongside Carl Vaudrin and Benjamin Beladi. It won Best Original Score (Short Film - Live Action) at the 2022 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

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    Tomb raider reloaded (video Game)

    I was on the composing team at Stamp Audio for this upcoming Lara Croft game from Square Enix. It was an official nominee for the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

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    A pair of dramatic sequels by directors Paul and Sheilah Munger.

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    LINEAGE w (Video game)

    A MMO role playing game by NCSOFT that I wrote some tracks for.

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    HOTEL LIMBO (feature film)

    A romantic comedy I co-scored alongside Carl Vaudrin and Ben Beladi.

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    NCSOFT TINY KIDS PARK (Amusement park)

    I composed a fun theme for this children's park in South Korea.



    Hotel Limbo

    (Feature FIlm) 2020

    This scene I scored is from the 2020 comedic drama "Hotel Limbo", which I had the great pleasure of co-composing with brilliant composers Carl Vaudrin and Benjamin Beladi.

    Death Star Construction Time Lapse

    (Fan Film) 2017

    This video is a personal project (fan film) created by myself and my FX-guru brother Isaac Botkin. He planned and crafted all the visuals in Lightwave 3D, and I composed the original score. The goal was to come up with an original melody, but keep it very much within the style and flavor of John William's iconic Star Wars scores.

    The Screenwriters

    (Feature Film) 2016

    The Screenwriters is a charming throw-back feature to Hollywood's golden-era of cinema. The music had to capture that classic hollywood sound and mix in elements reminiscent of Gershwin and big-band music, which made for a very fun scoring experience. Director: Peter Forbes

    Erwin Brothers Entertainment Logo

    (Studio Logo Theme) 2015

    This piece for Erwin Brothers Entertainment (Woodlawn, Mom's Night Out) needed to be composed in a classic, bombastic Hollywood style reminiscent of old studio themes. Visuals created by my brother Isaac Botkin.


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    Virtual Orchestration (VO) is the art and craft of creating compelling and realistic orchestral arrangements and performances with virtual instruments. In this age of rapidly-advancing virtual instrument technology, the performances created using virtual orchestral instruments are becoming increasingly believable and musical.
    Many are finding that VO offers greater creative flexibility and a more cost-effective solution than hiring a live orchestra for some projects (especially those in an epic or cinematic style). However, the pros and cons of each should be considered on a project-by-project basis.
    One of the services that I offer is the creation of Virtual Orchestra Performances (VOPs). These can be based on a simple melody hummed into your phone (which I arrange and flesh out), or full-score orchestration (which I perform as literally as desired), or anything in-between.
    How good can VOPs sound? Well, you be the judge. Nearly all of the music on this site was created with 100% virtual instruments--including pieces created as official demos for leading Virtual Instrument developers.
    Below you can find samples of some varied projects that showcase my VOP work.


    (Composition + Arrangement + Virtual Orchestral Performances)

    This celtic/cinematic hybrid piece is a re-envisioning of the classic hymn "All Creatures of Our God and King," commissioned by and created in collaboration with accomplished pianist and instructor Greg Howlett. It was also my job to create the arrangement, orchestration, and craft the final performances with virtual instruments. We modified the original melody a bit, and I ended up writing a couple of new melodies as well.
    Mix and Master: Jurgen Beck
    Piano: Greg Howlett 

    The End of Myself

    (Composition + Arrangement + Virtual Orchestral Performances)

    The End of Myself is an original song co-written and arranged by myself and tenor Daniel Craig (no, not that Daniel Craig). The song is intended to capture the journey of humbling yourself under the mighty hand of God, and is featured in Daniel Craig's album of hymns by the same name. I created arrangements/virtual orchestrations of five other classic hymns for that album in addition to this one.

    Vocalist: Daniel Craig

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    An American Victory: A New Musical

    (Virtual Orchestral Performances) - 2016

    With America's first Barbary war set as the backdrop, An American Victory is a period musical in the style of Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera created by Louis R. Bucalo, which features a dazzling collection of Broadway stars, including Ashley Brown, Adam Jacobs, Jeremy Hays, Samantha Hill, Ramin Karimloo, Hugh Panaro, Aaron Tveit, John Owen-Jones, and many others. I worked on a few of the songs to create virtual orchestral performances based off of existing orchestrations.

    The Look

    (Arrangement + Virtual Orchestral Performances)

    This arrangement I created for vocalist Niah Merrill needed to be cinematic, intense, and epic.
    Vocalist: Niah Merrill

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    COURSES AND RESOURCES for composers!

    If you are interested in learning about film scoring or how to use virtual instruments, check out my instructional site for in-depth courses, articles, and free resources specifically designed to prove practical help and instruction for composers.


    (visit my Legacy site to see archived blog content)

    January 20, 2018
    This has been a long time coming, but after many years of intending to update I finally have a...
    This video is a personal project (fan film) created by myself and my FX-guru brother Isaac Botkin...
    November 7, 2017
    I recently had the pleasure of creating an official demo for Embertone's fantastic library ...
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    For the month of April 2020 (and possibly longer) I have decided to make my 2017 cinematic instrumental album "Adventurer" completely free as an MP3 download for whoever is interested!

    This album is a collection of some of my favorite previously-unreleased orchestral tracks.



    Throne and Liberty (2024 - Video Game)

    The Modern Man (2022 - Feature Film - co-composed with Benjamin Beladi and Carl Vaudrin)
    Lineage W (2021 - Video Game)
    Tomb Raider Reloaded (2023 - Video Game)
    AION 8.0 (2021 - MMORPG Video Game Update)

    Hotel Limbo (2020 - Feature Film - co-composed with Benjamin Beladi and Carl Vaudrin)
    Second Chances (2020 - Feature Film)
    Princess Cut 3 (2020 - Feature Film)

    Princess Cut 2 (2020 - Feature Film)

    Blockbuster (2019 - Audio Drama/Podcast - Co-Composed with Ryan Taubert)

    Prairie Wind (2018 - Short)

    Death Star Construction Time Lapse (2017 - Star Wars Short Fan Film)

    The Screenwriters (2016 - Feature Film)

    The Heritage Foundation video (2016 - Documentary)

    Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods (2015 - Feature Film)

    Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures Logo Theme (2015)

    The Worldview in 5 Minutes Show Theme (2015)

    Building the Machine (2014 - Documentary)

    Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man (2014 - Feature Film)

    Navigating History: Egypt (2011 - TV Travel Series)

    The Promise of Sheboygan County (2011 - Promotional Video)

    The Mysterious Islands (2009 - Documentary co-composed with Paul Mills)

    Wanted (2009 - Short Film)

    Homeschool Dropouts (2009 - Documentary)
    The Return of the Daughters (2007 - Documentary)

    Jamestown: Ancient Landmark, Modern Battleground (2007 - Documentary)

    Men O' War (Short Film)

    The League of Grateful Sons (2005 - Documentary)








    The Prayer - (2018 - Virtual Orchestra Performances)

    Holy Place (2018 - Arrangement/Virtual Orchestration featuring pianist Greg Howlett)

    Be Still My Soul (2018 - Arrangement/Virtual Orchestration featuring pianist Greg Howlett)

    I Believe - (2018 - Virtual Orchestra Performances)

    Masterbuilder (2017 - Arrangement/Virtual Orchestration featuring pianist Greg Howlett)

    Adventurer (2017 - Instrumental Album)

    An American Victory (2016 Broadway Musical - Virtual Orchestral Performances)

    The Screenwriters (2016 - Original Soundtrack)

    Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods (2015 - Official Soundtrack)

    The Look (2015 - Arrangement/Virtual Orchestration featuring vocalist Niah Merril)

    The End of Myself (2015 Album - Arrangements and Virtual Orchestrations featuring vocalist Daniel Craig)

    The End of Myself (2013 - Single, Co-composed with Daniel Craig)

    Saga (2012 - Instrumental Album)
    Navigating History: Egypt (2011 - Original Soundtrack)

    The Mysterious Islands (2009 - Original Soundtrack co-composed with Paul Mills)
    The Return of the Daughters (2007 - Original Soundtrack)






    Berlin Strings (Orchestral Tools)

    Berlin Strings Con Sordino (Orchestral Tools)

    Berlin Symphonic Strings (Orchestral Tools)

    Berlin Brass (Orchestral Tools)

    Berlin Percussion (Orchestral Tools)
    Berlin Woodwinds (Orchestral Tools)
    Berlin Woodwinds Revive (Orchestral Tools)
    Berlin Woodwinds Soloists I (Orchestral Tools)
    Berlin Woodwinds Soloists II (Orchestral Tools)
    Tallinn (Orchestral Tools)

    Metropolis Ark I (Orchestral Tools)

    Metropolis Ark II (Orchestral Tools)

    Metropolis Ark 5 (Orchestral Tools)

    Igudesman Solo Violin (Orchestral Tools)
    Andea (Orchestral Tools)
    Modus - Jeff Russo (Orchestral Tools)

    LA Sessions (Orchestral Tools)

    Vivid Keys (Orchestral Tools)

    Loire (Orchestral Tools)

    Nocturne Violin (Orchestral Tools)

    Nocturne Cello (Orchestral Tools)

    Joshua Bell Violin (Embertone)

    Jubal Flute (Embertone)

    Ivory Winds (Embertone)

    Soaring Strings (Musical Sampling)

    Adventure Brass (Musical Sampling)

    Adventure Strings (Musical Sampling)

    Miroslav Philharmonik 2 (IK Multimedia)



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