SAGA Preview Clips by BenBotkin

Sail with buccaneers and descend into dragons’ lairs, traverse Egyptian deserts and Amazonian jungles, be moved to tears and stirred to action. From composer Benjamin Botkin comes SAGA, a new album of musical pieces in the rich tradition of orchestral cinematic music. Enjoy a musical tapestry that offers a diversity of flavors, from epic chorales and ethnic atmospheres to soaring string melodies and symphonic majesty. (20 tracks, approx 44 mins)

“Benjamin Botkin’s SAGA is a wonderful introduction to the fruits that emerge when God-given musical talent and cutting edge composition software collide with a rich understanding of some of the greatest film composers. Ben’s original melodies are beautiful, memorable, and are interwoven into a wide variety of musical genres with a full orchestra sound. I’m sure this is only the appetizer of many audio feasts to come.” – Stephen Kendrick, co-writer and producer of films Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants

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