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Wanted: Western Music

Posted on July 26, 2011 at 1:04 pm, by Ben


I have never posted this before, but I was reminded of this short film I wrote the music for the other day when I was thinking back on the prehistoric before-marriage-era (which, surprisingly, was only last year). I remembered that I had been working on a film right in the middle of a very intensive getting-to-know/cross-examination period with Audri in April 2010 which subsequently swallowed up all the mental processes that would allow me to remember said film project… or actually anything at all besides love, courtship and marriage. (Shameless plug: Audri and I will be speaking on an upcoming webinar on courtship and marriage next month–check it out)

Anyway, Wanted the western was put together by some friends of mine, primarily by the fine fellows at The Effects Forge, whom I have worked with on multiple projects to date, and have had a great back-and-forth with on Ace Wonder (they’re handling the special effects and motion comic scenes). The music and instruments in this film are a little outdated, but it was fun to compose.

Wanted from Conquest Productions on Vimeo.