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The End of Myself – New Song and Competition

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 5:12 pm, by Ben

I recently had the privilege of teaming up with good friend and powerful tenor Daniel Craig to compose an original song titled “The End of Myself.” We came up with the melody, basic chords and structure together, and then I created the orchestration and he performed the vocals. We wrote this song for many reasons, and wanted to share a few of them:

First, we want to glorify God directly with the works of our hands, practicing excellence in our craft to do our work as unto the Lord (Col 3:23), and to create something that declares his truth in a professional and beautiful way… to the best of our limited ability (we’ll be the first to admit that we still have a lot to learn).

Secondly, had a message that we wanted to convey to our listeners. Specifically, to remind a self-sufficient world that only when we are weak in Christ, are we truly strong (2 Cor. 12:10).

Thirdly, we believe that Christians need to be writing more songs that combine quality words, quality music, and quality production in a cohesive and appropriate way. I commonly hear good words combined with shoddy music, or good music combined with unclear (or downright false) words, but songs that present a wise and professional marriage of both are a rarity. We wanted to contribute to the reversal of that trend.

Fourthly, we believe in the importance of Christian collaboration. I have long been a sort of lone-wolf when it comes to writing music, but I’m learning that there is also strength in locking arms with other Christian craftsmen to combine ideas, skills, resources and prayers. In fact, some things can ONLY be accomplished by the unity of many.

But we have another desire, and here is where we need YOU to help us out. Danny and I are praying about where to take this collaborative relationship in the future, but we need to know how much interest and demand for music like this exists in the Christian market.

Right now there is a great opportunity to gauge that interest and get feedback: “The End of Myself” is currently one of ten semi-finalists in a competition run by Christian pianist, producer and marketer Greg Howlett. Anyone can vote online, and whoever gets the most votes receives:

* a professional studio-produced project valued at $6,000 that includes the following:
* 2 days in a studio (one of two that I personally use).
* My long time engineer Jason Prisk as recording and mix engineer.
* Me as producer (A producer takes care of all the details so all you have to do is record.)
* Me as your coach for picking out songs, helping you arrange, etc.
* Graphic design
* My help marketing your new project.

So please visit the voting page and listen to all the entries. If you genuinely believe that ours is the most worthy of this prize, please vote for us and consider sharing the competition link with your friends and encouraging them to do the same. (NOTE: the poll is hosted by Facebook but you do NOT need a Facebook account to participate)

Thank you all and to God be the Glory!

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