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SAGA – New Album Available

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 9:42 pm, by Ben

SAGA Preview Clips by BenBotkin

My newest album is officially released: SAGA.

Sail with buccaneers and descend into dragons’ lairs, traverse Egyptian deserts and Amazonian jungles, be moved to tears and stirred to action. From composer Benjamin Botkin comes SAGA, a new album of musical pieces in the rich tradition of orchestral cinematic music. Enjoy a musical tapestry that offers a diversity of flavors, from epic chorales and ethnic atmospheres to soaring string melodies and symphonic majesty. (SPECIFICATIONS: 20 tracks, approx 44 mins, 320kbps MP3 files)

The content of this album is a mixture of some popular tracks I’ve written over the last couple years, along with a number of ones never before posted online before or made available for sale–it’s about half-and-half, actually. Some of the pre-existing tracks were renamed to fit in with the vibe of the album a little better. Here is the tracklist showing which ones changed:

01 – Gloria Angelis
02 – Jolly Sea Rover
03 – Exploring the Galaxies (NEW)
04 – The Second Star to the Left
05 – Steadfast (NEW)
06 – Olde Booke Shoppe (formerly “Antique Dealer”)
07 – Navigating Egypt
08 – Pharaoh
09 – Temple of Solomon
10 – In the Arena (formerly “CineBrass Adventure”)
11 – Gift of a Whistle
12 – The Untamed Wilderness (NEW)
13- Holocaust (NEW)
14 – Snowfall (NEW)
15 – When I Think of my Bride
16 – The Beauty of the Amazon (NEW)
17 – The Streets of Cuzco (NEW)
18 – Journey (NEW)
19 – Saying Goodbye
20 – Legend of the Dragon (NEW)

File format is 320kbps MP3 and it’s priced at $9.99. Head on over to my STORE page to buy!