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New Brass Library

Posted on June 10, 2011 at 1:18 pm, by Ben


CineSamples just released their long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated (by me, at least) CineBrass. I payed the very reasonable $399 price tag yesterday and downloaded the 8GB of content which installed easily and runs in Kontakt 4 (4.2.3 required) as smooth as butter. This musical sketch below is the first thing I played around with after loading up some patches, and though it’s still quite sloppy, you can get a sense of the playability and credibility of these brass instruments.

CineBrass Adventure by BenBotkin

The interface is really simple and intuitive–there are many articulations but few patches to hassle with, and of course, it runs in Kontakt which just makes everything nicer. The first-play experience is incredible. The velocity-sensitive key-mapping in the “articulations patches” is brilliant. I’ve long wanted to carry a staccato trumpet or horn line and end the phrase with a marcato note, but having to load another patch and sync the two so it sounds like part of the same performance is always a headache and often a waste of time. In Cinebrass, you can control the length of your staccato articulations by the velocity of your hit, which is awesome.

This is by far the best brass library I have played or heard to date. We’ll see what East West’s Hollywood Brass has to offer when it is released next month, and though it will probably sound great, I somehow doubt that it will match the playability or deadline-friendly conveniency of CineBrass. Maybe I’ll be eating my words in a month, but kudos to the CineSamples team for producing an exceptional product that not only does better what other current libraries do decently, but one that expands the horizon of what is possible with sample technology.